As of 12/3/2019 all abandoned vehicles ticketed and towed will be towed to the SPPD Impound lot at 1129 Cathlin St. Saint Paul MN 55108 651.603.6895 If your vehicle was towed: Western Towing is one of the largest Towing and Recovery Companies in the Maricopa County area. Western Towing has established this by setting up strong relationships with Phoenix area law enforcement agencies, D.P.S., Vehicle Dealerships and Metro Transit. Los Angeles has 18 official police garages (OPG). For contact information and directions to your nearest OPG please use one of the following links: Absolute Towing, Area 4

South Campus Impound Lot – Columbus 1145 Hamlet Street Columbus, OH 43201. Headquarters – Northern Columbus 6333 Frost Road Westerville, OH 43082. Stuck? You're ... Illegally Parked & Abandoned Vehicle Towing in Phoenix Towing & Impounding of Cars, Trucks, SUV's and Other Vehicles in Phoenix AZ. Allied Towing specializes in vehicle towing and impounding of abandoned and illegally parked vehicles. We serve property owners and managers in the Phoenix area in need of vehicle impound services. We strive for excellence at Parkers Towing and it starts with our team. We have a variety of service technicians that are CDL, AAA, Wreckmaster, Hazmat, and Rotator certified.