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Treeguard Mesh for Shrubs. TREEGUARD Mesh for shrubs is a range of 100% recycled plastic mesh shrub guards to protect young shrubs from browsing animals (including rabbits and hare). TREEGUARD mesh for shrubs is suitable for species that do not require the sheltered environment of shrub shelters, but require protection from browsing animals. Extruded plastic net solutions include: Rock shield pipe protection mesh , turf reinforcement mesh, grass protection mesh, ground reinforcement grids, deer fencing net, separator mesh, acorn tree guards, ground stabilization mesh, filtration net, industrial netting and fine screening insect mesh. Panic room manufacturers install stainless steel screen and stainless wire mesh inside walls and doors to provide enhanced security from intruders. Stainless mesh also works well to guard roof gutters from tree leaves and other debris. Click on a photo for a larger view: